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Founded by professional USPA Skydiver/BASE jumper, SAG/AFTRA Stuntman, USAG gymnastics coach & former American Ninja Warrior, & inspired by his former girlfriend, Hollywood Supermodel & Victoria's Secret Angel, Angela J. Lindvall, Christopher Fairbanks created the Charlie Rabbit Athletic Foundation, (a 501c3 non-profit foundation pending). Charlie Rabbit directly promotes the mission of the "youth mental health" project, which is to reduce suicide in children. Charlie Rabbit's moto is to overcome all bad things and become rad.  Charlie Rabbit has selected two current non-profits to assist until pending full 501c3 status.                                       



Charlie Rabbit Athletic Foundation was launched and funded first through Psychotic Rabbit Parachute Stunts, which viral content has been viewed an accumulated 500 million times between Intstagram and Tik Tok, and w/ the help of Celebrity Angela J. Lindvall, has raised $2.7 millions dollars to date for youth mental health. Psychotic Rabbit then expanded to MMA as it became a brand that sponsors up & coming UFC fighters through a partnership with Mountain Force MMA. The brand has expanded to other extreme sports including American Ninja Warrior, & Surf Sports through Boardrider's in Topanga, California.

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A clothing line was then launched called "Psychotic Society," which raises money for teen mental health, through it's PS project. The clothing line is very unique in it's approach, colloborating with a pop surrealism artist, they create & display scenes of what it's likes to feel crazy, insane, psychotic, & all those heavy feelings that lead to suicide. The clothing line psychotic society abbreviated is p.s., in which every piece leaves a little ps note about mental health. A very unique fashion line for sure, and with every purchase a majority donation to teen mental health. That's rad. 


Athletes who are sponsored by the brand Psychotic Rabbit, and who compete for mission awareness of the Charlie Rabbit Athletic Foundation, then pay it forward by using the sponsorship to inspire the younger generation of athletes who are currently fighting a difficult life challenge, but have dreams to become successful athletes! With the help of Psychotic Rabbit athletes, (extreme athletes in various extreme sports who support the mission) Charlie Rabbit Foundation intends to be a global force to heal CPTSD in youth, & to ultimately reduce suicide amongst children.

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